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How to effectively use ammunition in fish shooting

Fish shooting game is a familiar game for everyone, you can play fish shooting game online and offline. Is it easy to win this game? It depends largely on the player's use of ammunition.

How are the scores of bullets calculated in online fishing shooting?

Each betting game has a different method of calculating points to motivate players, and so do online fish games. Fish shooting games have their own scoring rules, which means that each defeat of a target will result in a corresponding number of points, calculated as follows:

- Normal fish get 2 to 10 points, big fish get 20 points and sharks get 30 points.

- Pink mermaids get 2-10 points, blue mermaids 10-20 points, red mermaids 10-30 points, and especially big mermaids 50-150 points.

- The most dangerous golden dragon fish has 200 points and in some games can reach 300 points.

How to shoot fish online using ammunition

Using bonuses as a reward is a method used by many online casinos to attract players. Different game modes will reserve ammunition for that game. Today I would like to introduce the most interesting things to do when playing online fish shooting games.

1. Shooting fish with bullets

With 2 pesos of shooting fish ammunition you can continue shooting until the target is knocked down. If you fire 3 to 5 shots and the fish is not dead yet, you should skip it to avoid wasting more money.

2. Use ammunition against schools of fish

If there are 4-5 fish, you should shoot in the middle so that almost all of the targets can be hit.

3. When should I use high bet ammunition?

Another factor of success of fish shooting game is rich graphics exciting bonus game, interesting 3D animations, innovative features and functions, if you have thousands of pesos of money you can consider investing in expensive ammunition. Each goal will bring you 100 to 200 coins and more interesting gifts.

1. Master the shooting speed

When the fish is close to the screen, the shooting speed should be slowed down so that the target can be defeated quickly. The speed shooting method is often used for big fish, sharks or mermaids, and you are recommended to use this method.

2. Shoot the fish at the beginning of the game

When the fish just come out from the screen, you should shoot immediately, the target will be easier to defeat.

Use the rebound technique

You can shoot bullets at the wall, then the bullets will bounce back to the fish, when the bullets bounce back to the fish you can also shoot bullets at that fish, this can increase the speed of the target to be defeated.


If you use the above techniques when playing online fishing games, you will get more bonuses, feel free to play online fishing games!