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Free game experience [arcade fishing game], [Wukong Naohai game]

Fishing game [arcade fishing game] is a casual entertainment game developed by fishing experts. The game scene is 3D, various kinds of fish swim naturally, this game has beautiful game screen and exciting game feel.

Fishing game series has developed the main fishing game room, of course, the content of the game is still mainly related to fishing, so there are two game room modes on all integrated game platforms.

The [Wukong Naohai game] in the [Arcade Fishing] game platform is loved by many people, if you want to play this game well, it is important to understand the rules. You need to adjust your thinking, do not be impatient.

In the Wukong Naohai game, if you want to get a higher score in that game, skill and luck are indispensable, the ratio is about 40% skill and 60% luck, so skill is important, but luck is hard to predict. So let's continue to choose the skills we can control and develop to increase the chances of winning.

Use a different strategy at each stage

From my personal experience when the score is around 100 points, not too much and not too little, this time the player can use the first net to fish small fish, that is, small fish that earn gold, try to upgrade. Why not use No. 2 shells? That is because the effect of the No. 2 fishing net and No. 1 shell is the same, so you will not waste your money. Now that you have more coins, what can you do? Try a level 4 net and fish some ponds with 1 gold fish and 2 gold fish while playing small groups of fish, you can also shoot high scoring fish from time to time. Remember, you must attack all the way. Do not shoot large fish alone. Otherwise, ammunition will be wasted. Arcade fishing game up to 500 points, easy to play, after reaching 500 points you can always use the highest ammunition to catch big fish. But you have to pay attention to the profit and loss. Remember to make the same high value fish in the turret. Then shoot them again and the coins will belong to you.