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Arcade fishing game technology strategy

Fishing games are becoming more and more popular among players, many players don't know that there are actually fishing games with tricks, if you just shoot blindly in the game and use up all your coins very quickly. So you need to learn some tips and strategies. Here, I will share with you some arcade fishing tips. I hope everyone can learn these things to improve your chances of winning.

Arcade fishing game technology strategy

1)Fever time

In the fishing game, there will be Fever time, after this time there will be some special targets, and the success rate of shooting targets in this scene is very high, therefore, in the Fever time, players should use high quality ammunition for continuous shooting to get more coins.

2) Weapon bullets

Players should always adjust their bullets because each target has a different score. Players should pay attention to their money, the bigger the fish the more bullets are needed to defeat it, and conversely, the smaller the fish the easier it is to defeat.

Type of fish

1) Common fish

This is the easiest species of fish to shoot, with a high chance of appearing and a slow swimming action. Players can shoot these fish to accumulate coins.

2) Fast fish

As the name suggests, it is a fast-moving fish, which is very difficult to catch. The strategy to catch this fish is to shoot from both sides of the fish, exchanging left and right attacks, which will increase the shooting speed.

3) Slow fish

Although slow fish are fish with high scores, most slow fish are very difficult to defeat and their main purpose of appearing is to eat the player's ammunition because these slow fish have very high defenses, so players should avoid shooting these fish.

The above is an introduction to all arcade fishing game strategies. What's more, it summarizes the fishing methods for you through both "scenes" and "fish", and most importantly, players need to observe the changes in game data and change your strategy to earn more coins.