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Win a successful fish shooting game

The most interesting and exciting part of playing fishing games is to successfully hit the fish on the screen, especially the big fish with high scores, but fishing games focus on probability, there are various factors that affect the probability, which requires players to master these fishing skills, to improve the hit rate in the game, how to successfully defeat the target, we provide many fish shooting game tips here, hope that players can gain something.

Fishing game tips

1. Step by step

Play the game is like learning, do not rush, when you first enter the game do not worry, first of all, pay attention to the rules of the game, how to play, how to score, and then start the game, first, let us start aiming from the nearby small fish, first to small fish as the target, accumulate these game experience, after that, wait until the accumulation of a certain basis (skills and coins), and then properly adjust the level of ammunition and try to shoot some Big fish.

2. How to shoot

Many new players in fishing the most common method of firing the cannon is to see the target and shoot it immediately, like this shooting fish can not say that you miss anything, but it does not help much in terms of shooting speed. Usually some of the best fishermen have their own method of shooting, such as the angle of the fish, and in most practice, 45 degrees has a much higher hit rate. Many players shoot as soon as they lock on to their target, while experienced players choose to alternate shooting from left to right, shooting at different weak points on each fish, which also greatly improves shooting and speed.

3. Target selection

Most new players choose their attack targets according to their personal preferences. The fun of fishing is catching your favorite fish, but if you don't have enough coins to continue the game, you can't choose your targets as you like, because the defeat amount of each target is different. It is usually recommended for beginners to choose small fish as targets at first, as they are easier to shoot and defeat, and after accumulating a certain amount of experience and coins, you can change the targets to your favorite ones.

4. Know the rules

Although the probability of success in fishing cannot be changed, we can improve the success rate by understanding the rules of these games. For example, different fish have different attack rate zones, in which two things are usually included.

①It is a certain area on the game screen. ②Is an area on the body of the fish itself.

These are the things that players find in the process of fishing. Of course, the rules of the game are not the only rules mentioned above, each fish also has a different swimming route, these are the factors that affect the attack rate increase, as long as you can understand all these fishing rules, winning coins is easy.

The above is a complete introduction to fishing techniques. It seems easy to read it from the article, but it is not easy to practice it. We suggest you to use the above techniques to practice more often and you will have a chance to get more gold coins.