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How to win at slots - the best advice for you

Video slots are probably the most popular game in online and real casinos around the world, despite the fact that millions of people play the game. But few people understand how to actually win at slots or how these games work.

After reading this article you will know how to choose which slots to play, how to determine your bets based on your money? And how to avoid the least profitable slots?

How the slot works

Before you know how to win slots, first you need to understand how these games work. There are many theories on the Internet, but most of them are incorrect. All slot machines, even old ones, are equipped with RNG (Random Number Generator) chips that generate numbers in big data and determine the result of a particular spin, which means that the final result of a spin is determined immediately the moment you press the spin button, and stopping the spin or performing any other action after that will not change the result.

Slot games use the closest thing to randomness in the RNG both online and offline. This ensures that no player is cheated in any way.

เIf the slot machine you are playing is a slot game created by a famous slot developer (such as Novomatic, JILI, Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming or any other licensed brand), you don't have to worry about their RNG settings.

Slot machine payout percentages and volatility

Now that we've explained how all slot machines have random results, you may be wondering why people tend to lose when playing slots, when the real reason is not collusion between the slot machine manufacturer and the casino, it's simply the slot machine odds and payout percentages.

If you compare slots to other casino games such as blackjack, roulette or craps, you will quickly realize that the RTP percentages for slot games are almost always worse./p>

The average slot machine RTP range at online casinos is 94-96%.

If you've been to a real casino anywhere in the world, you'll often see that slots only return 90% or less of a player's bet, which is quite a difference compared to card games with an RTP of 99% or more and roulette games with an RTP of 97.3%. On the other hand, for every 1 peso you bet on roulette, the casino only wins 0.027 pesos, but for every 1 peso you bet on slots, you can win up to 0.1 pesos. Slots usually play fast, and if you don't control the size of your bets it will quickly burn through all your money.

In order to avoid huge losses, you should choose games without excessive expenses unless you don't mind taking huge risks to try to win a lot.

In online casinos slot volatility is usually clearly marked as low, medium and high, you should be aware of this and if you want to limit your money spending, choosing a period of low volatility will also help.

Choosing the right slot

One of the biggest tips for learning how to win at slots is to choose the right game, which in a real casino can mean choosing the right machine to play the game, and you must also choose the right game when playing online slots.

If you go online and check out the slot developer's website, you will find that each game has a clearly marked RTP percentage and is not hidden in any way.